The role of the UX Researcher

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What profile must a UX Researcher have?

We have already written about what you need to learn to become a UX Researcher. The UX Researcher is a profile that needs to include a basic understanding of Social Science, strategy planification in UX Research and a great teamwork ability.

Which techniques and tools does a UX Researcher use during their activity?

In the first place, the UX Researcher will have to define if the research that they will perform is quantitative or qualitative. In case it is quantitative, the given results will be measurable and objectives. However, if the research is qualitative, they will find out the mental processes and opinions of each user.

  • Daily studies. A daily study is used to disclose using habits, context of use, attitudes and motivations of the users while using the product as well as their behavior and perceptions. It is also a very interesting tool for developing customer journeys with real and detailed information.
  • Card sorting. With this test the UX Researcher will be able to understand if the navigation structure and information architecture of the product are aligned with the user’s needs. For the planification of an effective card sorting we must make sure that we design the session appropriately.

How is a UX Researcher job offer?

The UX Researcher work varies greatly on the specific project they are working on, because depending on the product’s characteristics that must be designed, different research techniques must be practiced.

  • Knowing how to conduct test moderation. At this point English is a relevant skill, as in many occasions the research takes place in international markets.
  • Ability to analyze results and disclose conclusions and recommendations.
  • Great skills in communication and teamwork to deal with clients and all the other team members involved in the projects.



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