UX Research: Phases of the research process

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  • Explore
  • Test
  • Listen

Discovery phase

The discovery phase is where we have the first contact with the project. At this stage we have the objective of trying to know the unknown and better understand users’ needs. Before our product is started up it is key that we go through this stage, since it will clear up if it is really necessary that we implement it or not. The main objective is to validate and delete suppositions that were stated prior to the project.

Exploratory phase

In this research phase, the corresponding techniques are faced towards understanding the user’s needs in an appropriate way and approaching design and its complexity from a global perspective. We will try to understand the problem and design’s reach.

Testing phase

At this point, testing methods try to validate if the developed designs work appropriately and correctly for users to which the digital product is oriented to.

Listening phase

Listening is the action that allows us to understand the existing users’ problems and find new problems to tackle. Furthermore, if we analyse the compiled data and we track new information we will be able to establish patterns and preferences.



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