UX Masterclass 2021: the contribution of Torresburriel Estudio

  • Day 1: October 14. Ethics, accessibility and inclusion.
  • Day 2: October 15. Sustainability, circular, social and gender design.
  • Day 3: October 16. ResearchOps special day.

Day 1: “UX Training as a Conversion Engine in Emerging Contexts”, with Daniel Torres Burriel

Day 2: panel on “Design Education’s Responsibility to Sustainability” with Cinta Vergés

  • How: our advice to students is to look for training that ensures that they apply guarantees, i.e.: trainers must transmit skills that are useful to develop a job and at the same time be able to continue training. It is also important for students to be open-minded about what companies, the market and end users are looking for.
  • Where: covid-19 has given us an opportunity for more difficult contexts. All we need is a laptop and an internet connection. Without forgetting that this has a positive influence on the care of the environment.
  • What: not to think “what do I want to teach”, but “what characteristics do I want my students to have after the training”. And from there, think about how to develop the content.

Day 3: “Ethics in User Research” with Alfonso Romay

  • vulnerable users: their participation in research processes is justified only if the ultimate goal is to improve their lives;
  • users are people: let’s not treat users as “test objects” during the research process, they are still people;
  • sensitive topics: let’s make sure as researchers that we have the resources to support users;
  • do not generate false expectations;
  • let us prepare ourselves for the management of the interpretations of the findings: if we do not know how to interpret the data, we will have wasted the valuable time of many people;
  • do not mishandle the information: we must always ensure that we treat the data accurately and anonymously.




User Experience & User Research agency focused on services and digital products. Proud member of @UXalliance

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Torresburriel Estudio

Torresburriel Estudio

User Experience & User Research agency focused on services and digital products. Proud member of @UXalliance

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