User Interviews as UX analytics tool

This is one of the most used and useful tools for our daily work at Torresburriel Estudio.

Interview as UX analytics tools
An interview at Torresburriel Estudio
  1. Our main goal will be designing better experiences for digital project.
  • Every digital experience has its own offline version. Well, most of them. It is impossible to know each and every process on each and every project. Interviews help to avoid any arrogance when working with any client.
  • Even if you know a lot about the field of the digital project, there is a number of details that may be unknown. Remember, the Devil is in the details.
  • What is the project about? Which are the goals to achieve? Are there any KPIs to know how the project is going?
  • Who are the team members? Which role do they play on the project? And their background? How is internal communication managed?
  • What is the project about? Which pain points does it solve? Who is your main target? How is your competitors experience?
  • How is the project developed? Is there any SWOT analysis? Has any uncontrolled risk been identified?
  1. An extra interview may be necessary depending on collected answers and you have to be prepared for Interview v2. You can gather better quality answers on that session and will help you to confirm the data gathered on the first session.

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