How to identify the UX Maturity level in your organisation

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Level 1: Non-existent UX

In this first user experience level the user is not taken into account when it comes to developing projects. Here the company or organisation has its main focus only in producing.

Level 2: Interest in usability and design

At this point UX is important for the company’s development and it is starting to be taken into account. However, due to lack of resources and time, not all UX processes can be executed.

Level 3: First UX processes

User experience is starting to gain importance on a global level in the company, and the first projects aimed to improve UX are being established.

Level 4: Committed

In this instance user experience is already key for the organisation, and it is starting to be adopted as a speciality within teams. However, at the same time there are still no systematic processes provided, and aesthetic design of user interface is still more relevant than usability on every process.

Level 5: UX implementation

In this level user experience is one of the main foundations to the company’s strategy, with a specific budget and a team exclusively dedicated to UX.

Level 6: UX integrated within processes

On the last level user experience is completely integrated within the developing processes of the product. It is no longer something to be fixed after product design, since it has been incorporated into the regular workflow.



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