How to design better questionnaires for UX Research

  1. Make it visual
  2. Use gamification techniques
  3. Set up a landing page for the survey
  4. Ask about one thing per screen
  5. Use pictures and animations that are relevant to the content
  6. Consider using emojis (not excessively)
  7. Mobile friendly
  8. Thank for the time dedicated to answering

Text design

The first piece of advice to design better questionnaires is not visual, but related to the phrases used to ask the questions. Questions need to work appropriately so we can obtain results.

Visual design

After we think the questions through, we also need to display our questionnaire in an attractive way which will make answering the given questions effortlessly, making sure that the cognitive load and needed effort are reduced to a minimum.

Use gamification techniques

A trick to achieve that users do not mind filling up the survey is by using gamification strategies and by helping it to be easier to answer. If the questionnaire process turns into a game, it will be friendlier and we will be able to reach improved answer ratios.

Create a landing specific to the questionnaire

Instead of embedding the questionnaire anywhere on the website, it is greatly recommended to create a specific landing page. This way we will be able to include the URL in the customer journey and create a specific route so that people who fill out the questionnaire can access some given aspects of our product before anybody else, as a reward.

One question per page

In order not to saturate the user and make cognitive load too high we will need to show one question on the screen at a time to ease the user’s understanding and make our survey easy to answer.

Example of a questionnaire question in Typeform

Adding relevant pictures and animations

If we do add pictures or movement in our questions while changing from one to another, we will create a feeling of interactivity which will help participants to keep their focus and continue advancing through the survey.

Use of emojis

Just as with pictures, we can also use emojis to complement text, and we will also add a fun touch.

Mobile friendly

Even if this may sound obvious, we cannot overlook it: questionnaires must always be optimised to be appropriately answered from mobile devices.


Last but not least, we also need to work on our last impression. We must thank the person who makes it to the end of the survey and leave a positive memory.



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