How to design an interview guide for user research

Discussion guide: introduction questions

In the first place, we have to include the introductory questions. Their objective is breaking the ice with the user, making them feel as comfortable as possible with the interviewer and trying to answer some questions that were not asked during the screener or the previous surveys.

Discussion guide: specific questions

The goal with these kinds of questions is to help the research in order to discover which are their problems, needs or motivations the user has regarding the research’s theme. Identifying and documenting possible hypotheses we can work with to carry out the research. These will be the suppositions about what we think are the client’s problems. We will also establish a values hypothesis, which means, the characteristics and functionalities that each website needs to accomplish to cover the needs of the different user profiles, which we will need to validate through research.

Discussion guide: questions about the product’s opportunities

Questions about the opportunities that a digital product may have are asked when we want to show the user an example, demo or prototype of the product that is being researched and then receive their feedback.

Discussion guide: product reaction questions

Lastly, product reaction questions are usually asked once the user has already used the researched product, since they are oriented towards finding out the ideas or suggestions regarding the product.



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