Developing a Service Blueprint

Key elements of a Service Blueprint

There are four key elements that make up a service blueprint:

  • Frontstage actions. These are executed in front of the user. They can be human-to-human or human-device interactions.
  • Backstage actions. Those that are hidden or partially hidden from the user, meaning that are done but not noticeable to the user.
  • Processes. Internal interactions and actions that support employees in the performance of the service.

Secondary Elements that can be included in a Service Blueprint

A service blueprint may have other elements in order to facilitate the understanding of the relationships and actions represented in it. These elements help to adapt the diagram to the context and to the business purpose.

  • Time. Timestamps to indicate the progress of actions.
  • Regulations or policy. Internal rules or regulations can be added to visualise whether processes are restricted and cannot be changed.
  • Emotions. Emotions can be added to the actions of both users and employees.
  • Metrics. Any metrict that can give context to the diagram is beneficial, especially if it is a buying process.



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