20 UX Design Ted Talks you should check out

Milton Glaser. “Using design to make ideas new”. February 1998

Don Norman. “Three ways good design makes you happy”. February 2003

David Carson. “Design and discovery”. February 2003

David Pogue. “Simplicity sells”. February 2006

Philipe Starck. “Design and destiny”. March 2007

Paula Scher. “Great design is serious, not solemn”. May 2009

Marian Bantjes. “Intricate beauty by design”. February 2010

David MacCandles. “The beauty of data visualisation”. July 2010

Renny Gleeson. “404. The story of a page not found”. February 2012

John Hodgman. “Design, explained”. March 2012

Jinsop Lee. “Design for all 5 senses”. February 2013

Tom Wujec. “Got a wicked problem? First, tell me how you make toast”. June 2013

Margaret Gould Stewart. “How giant websites design for you (and a billion others, too)”. March 2014

Rochelle King. “The complex relationship between data and design in UX”. October 2014

Tony Fadell. “First step in design is… Noticing”. March 2015

Chip Kidd. “The art of first impressions — in design and life”. May 2015

Elise Roy. “When we design for disability, we all benefit”. September 2015

Joe Gebbia. “How Airbnb designs for trust”. February 2016

Sinéad Burke. “Why design should include everyone”. March 2017

Kevin Bethune. “The 4 superpowers of design”. October 2017



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